Daniel Sell

A case for the hermitage

I controlled my social load. It doesn’t look it, but I did. Continual, free access to me and others has been a measurable burden to my ability to make things and so I went without and it all cleared.

When I’m working I need silence, or the kind of music you’d consider noise — something like a band practising a few doors down is perfect. Expand this known fact out, as above so below, and it’s obvious that social media has to go. Emails are the noise, the distant people I can ignore (wether I should ignore my emails or not is another matter) and a way to being happy. Social media is unannounced guests who leave on their own schedule, drinking your tea and agitating your cat. They don’t like the incense I use and they have strong opinions about the meat in the freezer. Very kindly get out, thankyou.

I’m weak though, and sometimes you just need strangers to tell you you’re funny.