Daniel Sell

Death and Dying and Saying No

I’ve died, you say, and that’s that. Well. What if I didn’t? What if instead I got back up like Wile E. Coyote and oopsy daisy”ed the whole thing off and carried on with the game? Is this too bold, is this not allowed? There aren’t any fences in the way, we can make it so but assuming that’s too much, too shattering, there are other options. One doesn’t need to be immortal even, why limit oneself to linear continuity?

—Dan has died say hello to my new character Dan. —Hello Dan what a coincidence the last person who died was named Dan. –Yes I am him. I died but now I’m alive. I look different but I only exist in a plastic psychic space so eventually I’ll become a levelled out melange anyway. —That’s not how it works Dan.

And yet. And yet and yet. Every character is you, you sneaky mondad, you hovering daemon. Why keep up the formality of hiding your existence from the hoi polloi when instead you could descend fully and really enjoy yourself. Death is just a step back and higher.