Daniel Sell

God Boss

Writing RPGs is strange because you are expected to somewhat moderate the reader’s interaction with the work. This might be true, or even valid, but it is tacky. You don’t ask the chef to also eat your dinner. This metaphor ends here.

There is shape, there is texture, there is colour, and it is all information that was put there as a result of choices. A good work will have deliberate choices. Or if the results are from a mechanical, alien source then that itself is a choice. A bad work is one that has a loose hand on the rudder, letting the waves decide which way you go. Let’s say that the waves are unexamined cultural turbulence and dying at sea. Metaphor, I banish you.

But if you’re in charge that means there’s a plan for us! Tell us, o lord, how do the readers interpret it? What is play? How is play? How do the meaning of play and system?

I dunno, not my business.