Daniel Sell

Gods save us from critics

Because the rpg world is small in stature it allows itself to be small in expectations. We are a medium finding its feet, there are no rules and no canon to get in our way, we could be building new things and pushing the edges out a bit but that sounded like a lot of work so instead we decided to foster a culture of criticism and peer interaction one would expect in a first year creative writing class. That is to say pompous, narrow minded, and self agrandising. The average reviewer finishs their scathing critique by counting the number of words of boxed text and the price per page just in time to spend £50 to go catch the latest marvel film.

Let me explain: please stop.

We desperately need to make more and harder. The gene pool is small and horribly inbred, everyone wears their Habsburg lip with pride when really we should see a doctor for it. Doctors in this case are libraries, or TV, or just staring out the window for a bit.

Once we’ve got medicine we start making things again. We get our head down and we do not, I repeat DO NOT, make eye contact with the peanut gallery. If critics and cynics want a piece of you at least make them work for it.