Daniel Sell

How to be a Writer

Pay for things. Including:

Understand how shipping works including:

Understand how distribution networks work. Not for you.

Understand ISBNs, where, how much, and why you need them.

Have people rely on you financially so that if you fail they fail. Also learn how to pay wages. And taxes

Have an intimate knowledge of book binding techniques and a good relationship with a bookbinding factory.

Learn how kickstarter really works

Learn how and pay for your own Facebook marketing

Learn how and pay for your own Google marketing

Get good at writing ad copy quickly

Do you know how and where to register new publications? Because you have to

Own and use photoshop and indesign or pay someone to do it for you

Learn about typography or pay someone to know it for you

Learn how to contact business2business businesses and how that works

Get an accountant, and learn how to keep accounts

Get good at web design or pay someone to be good for you

Understand project management or get someone else who does

Optional but recommended:

Be in or have access to the US