Daniel Sell

Spots of light

A game is a series of islands, those islands might be scenes, rooms, events, conversations, but they are separate. Between is dark and we imagine there. The game can be a black mirror. You see some of yourself, a distant light, and emerging forms. Whether it’s mental deprivation or a creation of the light is anyone’s guess. Deprivation is good. You have gaps. Good gaps might be hard to see and they’ll be filled automatically like a negative image everyone agrees on. Others are debatable or unique. Everything has gaps, even the insufferable book-bricks, it’s just a matter of degree, we’re haggling.

If you summon a demon 99% of the time it’s a smell or a thought or an impulse. The last 1% goes along a spectrum from apparition to sleeping on your sofa and eating your cornflakes. Most of that is disappointing, the sweet spot is tiny. Better to aim for that fruitful 99%.

So haggle.