Daniel Sell


I’m dwelling on social media and marvel films. They’ve been making me unhappy for a while, even as little appendages of a larger monster. They are black magics making horrible egregores full of looping pathways and dead ends.

Pulling yourself out of a constructed reality requires an over emphasis in another direction. Not necessarily in the opposite direction mind, that is exactly what the egrogore wants you to do. Being told to not eat the cake doesn’t mean you must eat the cake, that’s just the array of options it wants you to entertain.

The operation of extraction is a familiar one and has maintained an outstanding record of success so far. When you’re told This is just how it is” we say No thank you. From the outside it looks reckless or crazy but sometimes others get pulled along. The operation is not a group exercise but it can be easily adjusted.

That’s just how it is” is an incantation, an all purpose spell to summon legion and dispel the possibility of joy. Reducing everything to fit a system of understanding needs to be viewed for what it is: a system, one of many.

Writing for no audience is what I needed. No promises, no encouragement, no communication. I want to perform alchemy. Create to explore your nature. V.I.T.R.I.O.L